I often yearn to do something different with my friends and family. I could and probably should write out the long list of different activities I want to do. Going for a hike is one of the many things I have been meaning to do, other than go to the usual restaurants, meeting for coffee or drinks and going shopping with family and friends.

I knew I had to commit to actually hiking when I received a Facebook invite for a morning hike with Dumbbells & Delights at Kloofendaal Nature Reserve.

Meet Samantha Dube, we met through the bloggers group I joined last year. Her blog Dumbbells & Delights shares the process of for filling one’s dreams and pursuing our goals whilst taking the time to appreciate people who have worked hard at making their dreams come true.

Kloofendal is a cultural heritage and ecotourism facility in the Roodepoort suburb of Kloofendal, Gauteng, South Africa. The 128ha park offers suburbanites a retreat from city life. The reserve has remains of early gold mining activities and is recognised as the first gold mine in Johannesburg. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of the remains. The mine can be visited by appointment. Visit Joburg city parks for more information.

We visited the bird watching facilities and unfortunately didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Neither, did we see any mammals but its said to be home to several small mammals such as duiker, mountain reedbuck, dassie, mongoose, hedgehog, black-backed jackal, gerbil and more.

The park offers various activities such as their organised walks and talks, mainly organised by a voluntary organisation dedicated to its preservation. There is also picnic and ablution facilities and a dam with a hide. For more information visit Joburg city parks website. 

My favorite spot was the dam area for relaxing atmosphere created by the surrounding natural vegetation, still silence and distant out of city feel was reviving. I was able to forget everything I needed to get done. Which is a great way to DE-stress the mind, body and soul.

Getting up early was challenging but the beautiful scenery of Kloofendaal Nature Reserve and cheerful positive energy of those around me made it worthwhile.

Despite forgetting my cap at home, not taking any snacks and getting confused with the markings of the hiking trail we made it through the reserve alive and well.

I must say thank you to Samantha for organising the hike and to everyone else who participated for an enjoyable morning. Through finding the time for recreational activities like this we give meaning to life. I need to encourage my friends and to join me in doing different activities that are different and most importantly don’t necessarily require you to spend money but just focus on enjoying your time with one another.

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